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  • Rustik Craft Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Paniyaram Pan 9 cavities, Weight – 3 Kg, Diameter – 8 Inch, Pit size 1.5 inch, 7 mm Thick Base for slow and evenly cooking. Seasoned by traditional method with organic gingelly oil and water.
  • As Iron deficiency is more common these days, food prepared in a cast iron pan will helps your body with Iron intake and also experience the enhanced taste in your preparation.
  • USE & CARE - Wash the pan with warm water using mild soap & scrub softly to clean the pan and pat dry with a soft cloth. After that, heat the Pan for a minute or two and allow it to cool down to room temperature. While it's little hot, apply ant edible oil all over the surface and heat it again. Repeat the process if required and continue to apply oil when not in use to make it non-stick and get the best result out of it.
  • Multipurpose Cookware – For delicious & tasty Paniyarams, Bondas, Koftas and Balls.As a bonus you can also use our cookware for making poffertjes, takoyaki, aebleskiver, thai kanom krok and other amazing dishes.
  • It works On the Stove, In the Oven, On the Induction, On the Grill or Over the Campfire.
  • With proper care, our cookware is an heirloom that can be passed down for generations
  • Make sure you preheat the pan properly and use extra oil the first few times to prevent sticking. This helps to build up the seasoning of your cast iron pan over time.

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